The objectives of the Association shall be to:
  • Set professional standards and guidelines for practicing occupational social workers,
  • Uphold and promote SAOSWA’s code of ethics for occupational social workers,
  • Support and promote the development of SAOSWA social workers by acquiring and sharing the knowledge to register as a specialist occupational social worker,
  • Network and maintain ongoing communication with other relevant bodies of civil society and government,
  • Provide leadership in promoting the national and provincial growth and development of SAOSWA's and its members in both private and public sector workplaces,
  • Provide regular opportunities for occupational social work practitioners to network and jointly contribute to the successful development of the association,
  • Promote academic research in the occupational social work field,
  • Market and promote the awareness and contribution of occupational social worker's with all their stakeholders;
  • Provide support and ongoing education for members who are frequently confronted with ethical dilemmas in a variety of work environments,
  • Appoint service providers to render services to the NEC and members,
  • Pay out of the funds of the Association expenses considered by the NEC to be necessary to the promotion of the Association and its objectives