Contact SAOSWA


1) Username and password:
If you are already included in SAOSWA’s new database, your username and password to log in to secure sections of the website are:
• Username: your personal SACSSP registration number (10-*****)
• Password: your personal SACSSP registration number (10-*****)
(Use the same number for both purposes)

2) Accessing the secure section of the website as a member:
On the website’s home page, go to the ‘Member Section’ and log in using your username and password.

(i) Checking your personal information:

    - You will go to a page with six (6) windows. - Click on the ‘Update your details’ window. - Five (5) information tabs appear: the ‘Biographical’, ‘Communication’ and ‘Profile’ tabs are the tabs relevant to SAOSWA members. - Click on each of these tabs and update, or fill in, your information for the database. - Note: We do not need all of the information listed in each tab. What SAOSWA does need for the database is your: - SACSSP registration number - last name - first name - initials - email address - mobile number - telephone number (work) – optional

    - Go back to the ‘Biographical’ tab and click on ‘Update details’ (bottom of page) to update your details.

(ii) Changing your password:
If you would like to change your password, use the ‘Profile’ tab to do this – bottom of the page.

Please keep a personal a note of your new password so that you can remember it.

“Logout” to leave this section (top of page).

3) Joining SAOSWA as a Member:
If you are not yet a member and would like to join SAOSWA, click the ‘Membership’ tab at the top of the website’s home page. You will see here the types of membership of SAOSWA.

- Click on ‘Application Process’ (on the left hand side) and read the membership application process.

- Then click on ‘Application Form’ (please wait a few moments for the form to load) and complete the application form.

- Submit the completed application form to E2-Solutions via the website.

- E2-Solutions will now correspond with you and ask you to pay the membership fee.

- You will become a member as soon as your application is approved and you have paid the annual membership fee.

4) SAOSWA email messages:
If you are a paid-up SAOSWA member, you will receive the organisation’s correspondence by email.

If you are not receiving correspondence from SAOSWA, go to the ‘Membership’ section and register as a member. (Please note: If you paid your 2016 annual membership fees in cash rather than electronically, please provide proof of payment of your fees when E2-Solutions asks you about this.)

5) Payment of fees:
From January 2017 onwards, E2-Solutions will send you an invoice for annual membership fees in January each year.

- Link your payment method to SAOSWA’s account (details on the invoice) and make your payment electronically.

- E2-Solutions will send you confirmation of your payment by email. Membership fees are payable between 1st January and 31st March each year.

Please note: From January 2017 SAOSWA will no longer be accepting cash payment of membership fees. (Cash payments are risky and carry heavy banking charges.)

6) Seminar information:

Information from recent and past seminars is available to paid-up members in the secure section of the website.

7)CPD certificates:

Paid-up members who have signed the CPD register at each seminar will soon be able to download their CPD certificates directly from the secure section of the website.

Further information to follow soon.